Douglas, Georgia
8th Annual ACCG Community of Excellence Winner

Mission Statement

Through professionalism, dedication, training and integrity we are committed to excellence. We strive to protect the lives,
property and enhance the quality of life for the citizens of Coffee County. It is our goal to provide quality fire protection,
strong public relations and fire safety education while endeavoring to protect and preserve the health and safety of our staff
and return them safely to their families.

Chief Steve Carver and staff would like to welcome you to Coffee County Fire/Rescue and Emergency Management's website.

Coffee County Fire Department/ EMA headquartered in Douglas, Georgia provides fire and rescue services throughout Coffee County.
Services are provided to our citizens from a network of 20 strategically placed stations throughout our 591 square mile coverage
area. Approximately 93% of Coffee County’s citizens are within 5 miles of an ISO recognized fire department, with all departments
being rated by ISO as Class 4X. This classification recognizes the above average fire protection provided by Coffee County's Fire
Departments and provides for much lower property insurance premiums for properties with-in 5 miles of a fire department. Coffee
County Fire Department is a combination fire department with 19 of the county’s 20 departments being staffed by volunteer
firefighters. Coffee County’s firefighters respond to an average of 650 calls per year.

We also provide Emergency Management services to include disaster planning, mitigation and recovery, and Public Safety Dive Team
emergency response.

County Fire Department Equipment and Staff information:
7 Career Firefighters
14 Part-time Firefighters
120 Volunteer Firefighters
1 Administrative Assistant
1 Chief

The above includes 4 Fire Instructors, 3 Public Safety Educators, and 2 Arson Investigators.
Station 6, 941 Mahogany Road, Douglas (Headquarters)
2 Class A Engines, 2 Quick Response Brush Trucks, 1 8000 gallon Tanker, 1 3000 gallon Tanker
Station 7, 95 Jowers Street, Ambrose
1 Class A Engine, 1 Rescue/Service Truck
Station 8, 5373 Highway 441 North, Pridgen
1 Class A Engine
Station 9, 1915 Ramblewood Road, Douglas
1 Class A Engine
Station 10, 100 Church Street, Broxton
1 Class A Engine, 1 Rescue/Service, 1 Brush Truck
Station 11, 9669 Highway 221 North, West Green
1 Class A Engine
Station 12, Nicholls VFD, 1001 North Ave., Nicholls
1 Class A Engine
Station 13, Baker Highway VFD, 7078 West Baker Highway, Douglas
1 Class A Engine
Station 14, Sinkhole Road VFD, 5015 Sinkhole Road, Douglas
1 Class A Engine
Station 15, Chatterton VFD, 281 Chatterton Church Road, Nicholls
1 Class A Engine
Station 16, Wilsonville VFD, 2109 East Baker Highway, Nicholls
1 Class A Engine, 1 Rescue/Service Truck
Station 17, Bridgetown VFD, 2387 Bridgetown Road, Willacoochee
1 Class A Engine, 1 Quick Response Brush Truck
Station 18, Bear Creek VFD, 4310 Willacoochee Highway, Douglas
1 Class A Engine, 1 Reserve Class A Engine
Station 19, Satilla/Fales VFD, 7340 Old Axson Road, Douglas
1 Class A Engine
Station 20, 1333 SW Bowens Mill Road, Douglas
1 Class A Engine
Station 21, Bushnell VFD, 1177 Bushnell Chapel Road, Ambrose
1 Class A Engine
Station 22, 4545 Broxton-Westgreen Road, Broxton
1 Class A Engine
Station 23, 7295 Highway 158 East, Nicholls
1 Class A Engine
Station 24, 4774 Nicholls Road, Nicholls
1 Class A Engine
Station 25, 320 Rocky Pond Road, Douglas
1 Class A Engine


Emergency Management Agency Information

15 Public Safety Divers
5 Boats
3 Sidescan sonars
2 Hazmat Dive Suits
6 Dry Suits
Dive Com Gear

To inquire about any of our services or volunteering please contact the number below.
Thank You for taking time to view our website, contact us at (912)389-1705 or drop by at 941 Mahogany Road, Douglas, GA 31533


Frequently Asked Questions
If I have an emergency who do I call?
  • 911
Are permits required for outdoor burning?
Yes, Permits are issued by Georgia Forestry Commission
Local Number for GFC is (912)389-4045
Yard debris permit hotline (877)652-2876
What can I burn legally?
Only natural vegetation can be burned with a permit, this is limbs, leaves, trees, grass, straw and etc.
What am I supposed to do when I am approached by an Emergency Vehicle with lights and sirens on?
Georgia Law requires motorist to pull to the right side of the road and stop until the emergency vehicle has passed regardless of the direction of travel.
What do I have to do to become a volunteer firefighter with Coffee County Fire Department?
Must come by Coffee County Fire Departments Headquarters at 941 Mahogany Road and fill out an application.
Once an application is completed the following will be conducted by the department
Criminal History Check
Motor Vehicle Driving Record Check
  • Interview with the candidate
  • Once approved the candidate must then complete the Georgia Registered Firefighter training course along with a live fire exercise which is provided by Coffee County Fire Department's training division.